Market Cap:


The first investment as a service token on the BEP20 network

The investments on our platform are fully decided by the token holders and will be verified and saved within our smart contract

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3 benefits for our investors

Passive income by $DCIP Redistribution

By HODLing $DCIP in your wallet, you will be automatically rewarded a percentage of the distribution

Passive income by receiving BNB/BUSD rewards from the community investments

Our unique key feature is investing as a community! You as a token holder, have full
influence on the investments we are going to make. The rewards of these investments will
be distributed among our token holders.

Profit on speculation of the token

The simple economic law of supply and demand will raise and lower the pricing of our token
from time to time. You can profit from that by buying and selling at the right time!

Token Address

Below you can find our official token address, please only use this address to interact with!


Audit Report

You can access to the result of our audit report via link below


Our Roadmap


Launch of DCIP
Recognized as #3 most active DAO
Legal Entity
Major Marketing Campaing

2022 / 2023

Investment Warden
Bounty based development
Physical Office
25 Community Investments Executed


Continous monitoring of our Framework
Contract upgrade
Expansion of DAO functionalities
Expansion to RWA

Tokenomics Explanation

Community Investment Wallet

Our community investment wallet will invest the funds allocated to the wallet, into new projects, NFT, or whatever the community decides! Our wallet will have real-time audit in our dashboard

Redistribution to holders

HODL. our HODL’ers need to be rewarded and bots or other speculators should be punished. therefore you need to hold your coins for at least 24 hours, to benefit from the redistribution.


At each transaction, a percentage of that transaction will be burned. this decreases the total token supply, making the tokens more scarce.


In order to ensure that $DCIP can be exchanged on Pancakeswap, each transaction will have a percentage that directly flows back to the liquidity on Pancakeswap.

Marketing wallet

$DCIP will use marketing at its best. with the use of (Crypto) Influencers, Social media campaigns, and even traditional ways of marketing (advertisements, billboards, and sponsored articles) we will make sure “the word goes out”.


Tokenomics Breakdown

Token Supply

1 Quadrillion



Fee Breakdown

10% Standard Tax
3% Liquidity
1% Marketing Wallet
2% Community Investment Wallet
2% Burned
2% Redistributed to holders who hold longer than 24 hours

All trades on CEX (Both buy and sell orders) are subject to above taxation

7% Punishment Tax
Swaps within 24 hours:
4% Community investment wallet
1% Burned
2% Redistributed to holders who hold longer
than 24 hours
Token Supply

455 Trillion



Private Sale
1 BNB =
750 000 000 000 DCIP
Soft Cap
125 BNB
Hard Cap
250 BNB

Tokens in private sale are subject to token lock for 5 months, each month 20% of the tokens will "unlock"

1 BNB =
450 000 000 000 DCIP
Soft Cap
188 BNB
Hard Cap
375 BNB
1 BNB =
350 000 000 000 DCIP
Maximum Listed
500 BNB*

*Assuming all hard caps are met, we want to launch at a marketcap of $400K. Remaining supply will be burned to ensure we meet this goal

Who are we?

Meet Our Team

Mike van Rijsingen

Founder / CEO

Rick van Melis


Jasper Verbeet


For the community, by the community

Decentralize Investments

Power to the people! We as a community decide on what we will invest. Only when a majority of the voters decide that we will invest in something, the transaction will happen. We will experiment with the frequency of the investments and will scale up or down according to
the community feedback

Endless possibilities of investment

Crypto, Art, Watches, Real-estate. The possibilities are endless. Let your vote count and
vote for the investment which you want to see. Nothing is too crazy

Voting System

For transparency purposes we store all our voting info in the blockchain, this will mean that
all voting is tamper-proof and 100% transparent. Let your vote count.